The Goal: Get Clear and Free of the Distraction of Addiction

Published / by justme

The title says it all as far as I am concerned. As one who has personally struggled with the “Distraction of Addiction” as well as the struggle to “get clear and free” of it, I am making no excuses about my issues and these struggles.

I am simply putting my feelings about this whole messy part of not only my life, but countless others’ lives who share this weight.

I always say that I want to be healthy and fit. I actually do mean it, too. Most days, I am fully functional, and then when about 5 or 6 o’clock comes around, I reach for something to drink. After that, my day is over. So, yeah, this blog is going to be talking about addiction. Obviously my trying to ignore it hasn’t helped me at all. Maybe this site will not only help me on my journey, but as I find stuff to share with other readers, maybe it will help them as well.

Sorry about the somewhat mindless ramble, but they tell me I have to start somewhere. So, here it is. I’ll start writing soon.